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Wordless Wednesday

My Sweet Nephew-Baby Tucker

Our Family Portrait on the First Day of School

Monday, August 24, 2009

Look Out World...Here We Come

It's official, we now have two kindergartners in our house. Actually school started about a week ago and it really has not been bad. We registered them back in July and then they went to a week of Kindergarten Kamp-which they loved. I have been meaning to blog about this before but I thought I needed some time to reflect and maybe even calm down a little. You see, when we registered them for school I was asked if we wanted them in the same class or separate classes(Mark- I hear the groans of not this story again-so I will make this short). Since the kids have not been separated for longer than a trip to Wal Mart since they were born (that right BORN-they are 5 years old) I thought the transition would be easier to be together. Of course, they got in separate classes. I was upset-much more than anyone else in the house. I just felt like my opinion was completely overlooked.
On the first day of school, we went to drop the kids off and they did GREAT! They loved their classroom and were very excited to be back in school. They hugged us bye and sent us out the door. I have to admit there were more than a few kids who were crying HARD at being left by Mom and Dad and I walked out thanking the good Lord above that mine were not two of them. This is such an exciting time for them, so I have decided to embrace it. I will ask the question-why are all the wonderful and exciting milestones in their lives so difficult for me? I guess part of being a parent is to give them roots and wings. But do they have to grow up SO fast. Baby steps is all I'm asking for. Oh,well...when Mark picked them up from school, they were so excited and could not wait to tell us all about their first day. They have not minded at all being in separate classes and to be honest they are actually excited to see each other in the evening. The following picture shows that maybe separate classes are not such a bad idea..........

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Summer Fun and New Beginnings

I love summer time. It's flip flops, swimming and vacations. It's carefree days with no wake up or bed time. I can honestly say that we have had a wonderful summer. We have.....had a dance recital

The kids were in my cousin's wedding

We went to Disney World

Cheered the Golden Eagles on in Omaha

We played in the sand on the beach in Gulf Shores

Gracie also learned to ride her bike without training wheels and both she and Matthew learned to swim without floaties. They have grown taller and just really seem more grown up. They are more independent than ever before. They will be starting K5 this week at Calera Elementary School and I am so excited for them. This is a new chapter in all our lives and we can't wait for it to begin.
The last thing that we did this summer was welcome our new little nephew, Tucker Scott Wilson

We have been very blessed this summer and we thank God for taking care of us and our family and friends during this busy but fun time of year. How was your Summer?

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Happily Ever After

Usually on Wednesdays I just post pictures to show our splashes of joy but today I wanted to share something very special. My honey, Mark and I are celebrating our 9th Wedding Anniversary. I can remember the day I met him (at a football game in Troy). We met at Jacksonville State University where we were both in school-he paid for his masters by working for the athletic department. He was sitting on the end of the Ryder Truck waiting on the football team to leave after the Troy game. Let me tell you-2 years of dating, 9 years of marriage, a mortgage and two kids later-I still think he is the best looking guy I have ever seen (anymore details and it will only embarrass me and you both). Once I got to know him-I quickly realized I wanted to share the rest of my life with this man.

As I walked down the aisle on our wedding day,it truly was the best day of my life. I knew when we walked out as husband and wife I had been divinely favored. This was the man God had designed specifically for me. The last 9 years have been full of life, what I mean is ups, downs, tears of joy and sadness, building a house, 2 precious children, a baseball state championship, the loss of a parent, laughter, wonderful memories and more love than any one person should be blessed with.

The day that our children were born and I saw Mark holding them, it took my breath away. He was not just my husband but the father of my children, he had given me a priceless gift. As I watch Matthew and Gracie, I can see so much of Mark in them. Matthew simply looks and acts just like Mark but it is Gracie who simply got the best of Mark. She has his sweet spirit-kindness and compassion, his ability to find the best out of every situation and every person. Let me say, I am blessed.

I have box in my closet that has all the memories of our time dating. I told Gracie it was our Love Story. I pray that she will find the same happiness that I have with her Daddy. I am so blessed to be living our happily ever after..............